1. Get 5 exclusive trainings about skin damages and solutions available

2. Discover Holywood Stars best choice for their skins

3. Learn about the latest innovation in skincare

1. Get 5 exclusive training on skin damages and solutions available

More than 1h of exclusive training  with our French doctor.You will understand the reasons why our skin get wrinkles, how to prevent cancer, and much more... 

2. Holywood Stars Best Choice

Victoria Summer(Transformer), Chris Noth (Sex in the city) and Sofia Milos (CSI Miami) are among the 75 Holywood Stars proud and happy to use this new technology for their skin...

3. Learn the latest innovation in skincare

Knowledge is power. What you don't know may hurt you. Our duty is to share with you the latest innovation in Skincare Science so you can heal your skin and/or prevent damages. Meet 2 of our American experts tunning their clinic in Los Angeles and one of then was nominated to Medical Nobel Prize in 2014.